d over the sudden and severe ▓outbreak

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gion has rarely seen before. We made major achieve▓ments in reform, opening up and modernization, which attracted

ural areas have been put in plac▓e. - Steady improvement was made in the urban and rura▓l system of public cultural services. Significant progress was made in reform of the cultural management system▓, and the development of cultural programs and cu

  • the attention of
  • the world. - The economy r
  • eached ▓a new high. Chi

ltural industries was accelerated. The Shanghai Special Olympics

na's GDP in 2007 reached 24.66 trilli▓on yuan, an increase of 65.5% over 2002 and an average ann▓ual inc

▓ was successfully held. Preparations for the 2008 ▓Olympics and Paralympics in Beijing and the 2010 Worl▓d Expo in Shanghai proceeded smoothly. - Progress was ma▓de in developing democracy and the legal system and in en

  • rease of 10.6%, rising f
  • rom the sixth highest▓ one
  • in the world to the fourth. Total

hancing law-based government. Greater effor▓ts were made to saf

government revenue reached 5.13 trillion yuan, a 171% increase over 2002▓. Our foreign exchange res

eguard people's rights and interests and ensure social fairness and justice. - People's living standards improved significantly. Fifty-one million urban jobs were created over the past five years. Urban per capita annual disposabl

  • erves exceeded 1.5
  • 2 trillion U.S. dollars.
  • - The agricultural tax

e income rose from 7,703 yuan i▓n 2002 to 13,786 yuan in 2007,

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was rescinded, e

and rural per capita annual net income rose from 2,476 yuan to 4,140 yuan duri▓ng the same period. The basic framework

ndin▓g the centur

for a social safety net for both urban and rural areas was put in place. The nu▓mber of people living in poverty was re

ies-old practice

duced every year.▓ All these improvements fully demonstrate that during the past five-year period great strides were ma

of farmers pa

de in carrying out reform and opening up and building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. During this t

ying taxes▓. Ch

ime the productive forces and overall national strength were significantly improved, social programs were comprehensiv

ina's grain

ely developed, people received even greater benefits and China's international standing and influence constantly grew.

output rose four con

According to NASA鈥檚 Basics of Space Flight, their investment in deep space exploration ca▓n produce a pulling effect

of 1:100. We haven鈥檛 conducted de▓tailed demonstration of thi

conomy. Total vo

s effect, but the technical p▓rogress needs that can be seen show a broad prospect. Deep▓ space exploration may play a d

lume of im

ports and exports reache

riving role in the follo▓wing aspects: In science:  To create, perfect and ▓deepen lunar science (lunar geology

progress w?/h3>

坅s made in efforts to m

and lunar physics resear▓ch)  To promote comparative planetology develo▓pment  To conduct research on ex

Manned space flig

hts▓ and our first moon

traterrestrial space environment  To create planetary geodes▓y and cartography  To promote remote sensi

ing an importa

ng theory, methodology, engineering, practice and interplan▓etary remote sensing  To conduct deep research on t

ices covering both urban and r
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